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Our Advocacy Pillars

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Human Welfare

CORA Cares is focused on humanitarian projects that allow volunteers to actively participate in addressing the needs of the most vulnerable, especially women and children.




Planet CORA‘s mission is dedicated to protecting Life Below Water and Life On Land, and to empowering everyone to take aggressive Climate Action for the future of our youth.



CORA Volunteers creates opportunities for accessible and community-centered projects that anyone, at any age, can easily use as a platform to create change anytime, anywhere via direct action.


Communities Organized for Resource Allocation (CORA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating sustainable programs to help solve global issues centered on hunger, poverty, inequality, and climate change. Centered on volunteerism, community, and inclusivity, CORA’s projects are focused on empowering our most vulnerable citizens, schools, women, and the youth.


Programs: Programs

To help build a better world by empowering everyone, everywhere, to be a part of the solution to a sustainable future through the development of inclusive and impactful missions, campaigns, innovations and partnerships.


CORA believes in a future where people and the planet work in harmony to protect and conserve sustainable solutions and systems that allow all life to thrive, with core values embedded in individuals that rise above to make a difference in any way that they can, without leaving anyone behind.

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