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Mangrove rehabilitation is a nature-based super-solution to mitigate climate change and achieve gender equality for island and coastal communities in the Philippines. Women play a central role in rehabilitating degraded mangroves and protecting existing ones, and in building climate-resilient coastal communities that are ecologically stable and economically sustainable. 


Under the WoMangrove Warriors program, CORA together with our key partners aim to:


  • Improve the security and protection of the coastal areas and the thousands of residents from the coastal communities

  • Provide measurable action for carbon storage/sequestration to help mitigate climate change

  • Improve opportunities for livelihood and income for women involved in mangrove rehabilitation programs and biodiversity-friendly enterprises

  • Strengthen local policies to support women and children

With every donation, mangrove seedlings are planted and maintained by our WoMangrove Warriors — helping fight climate change, enhancing biodiversity and fisheries, and supporting the livelihood of women living in the island and coastal communities in the Philippines such as Samar, Leyte and Mindanao. More locations sprouting soon.

Program Partners
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