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Isla Verde
Community Program

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Isla Verde (Verde Island) is a volcanic island situated along the bodies of Verde Island Passage between the islands of Luzon and Mindoro, Philippines and declared by the Philippine Tourism Authority as one of the country's marine reserves.

The island sits at the heart of the “Coral Triangle” — the global center of marine biodiversity. It is famous for its scientifically-backed title as the “Center of the Center of Marine Shorefish Biodiversity” and as the “Center of the Center of Marine Biodiversity in the World.”

The Verde Island Passage provides food, livelihoods and other benefits to over 2 million people. It's also home to charismatic species such as whale sharks, sea turtles, nudibranchs and an impressive array of corals.


The island itself with roughly over 3,000 in population is vulnerable to many natural disasters. Our programs are aimed to improved livelihood within the community and increased climate change resilience.


Community Partners:

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Light up hope
Being an off-the-grid community, the residents rely on power from diesel generators and other non-renewable energy sources. This can be costly and harmful, to both health and the environment. The significant drop in tourism and export due to the pandemic, along with recurring typhoons, have greatly affected the livelihood of the families living in the island.
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About Solar Lamp


CORA, Oxfam Pilipinas, Batang VIP,

JCI Tanauan LauBini, and Seed4Com are raising funds to provide solar lamps to our partner communities on Isla Verde. This long-term project will launch this December 16, 2021, and you can be part of this meaningful mission by donating as little as Php 400 per lamp.


Empower Lives
One of the Philippines’ richest fishing grounds, the marine corridor teems with hundreds of species of fish, mangroves, sea grass, nudibranchs and corals some described as “extremely rare.”

Some residents' main source of income come from fishing for food to sell to the city and also feed their families.


Rebuilding Boats
of Isla Verde


Fishermen still need our help to build new boats as a vital source of fisher livelihood when the old boats were taken out by Super Typhoon Rolly in 2020.

11 boats need to be rebuilt.


PHP 265,000

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Shine Light

Donate solar light lamps to

families in need.

Donation details:

P400 per solar lamp


Build Boats

Help reach our goal amount to fund the construction of boats.


Donation options:

P500 | P1,000 | P2,500


One kasko (hull) = P20,000

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