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Eco-Ikot Center

CORA Eco-Ikot Center is an inclusive and holistic recycling system that allows communities to exchange clean, dry, and segregated recyclables for points which can be redeemed for various incentives like fresh vegetables, e-cash, and other sustainable items. 


The first of its kind in the Philippines and the world, the CORA Eco-Ikot Center provides a sustainable solution to the plastic pollution crisis that can be inclusively established in any community, and can provide livelihood and incentives to its local citizens.

Paano ba 'to?
How does it work?

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Anong recyclable ang tinatanggap niyo?
What recyclables do you accept?

PET Bottles

Clear, thin bottles used for beverages or to hold liquids.  Usually clear, soft and light. Also used food container.

Malinaw at manipis na mga bote na ginagamit sa mga inumin o kaya'y lalagyan ng mga likido. Kadalasang malinaw, malambot at magaan.


White, Colored Paper, and Cardboard

Cardboard or paper that is not contaminated with food, oil or other liquids. Must be dry and clean.

Karton o papel na hindi nalagyan ng pagkain, mantika at iba pang dumi. Kailangang tuyo at malinis.


Soda Can or Fanta

Beverage cans

 Mga lata ng inumin.


Sachets & Soft Plastics

Flexible plastics made of laminated films and sachets. Typically used as packaging for shampoo, condiments and snacks.

Malambot na plastic na karaniwang gawa sa laminated films at sachets na karaniwang pinaglalagyan ng sabon,

shampoo, pagkain, at iba pa.



Clear, dry, and must not be colored


Malinaw, tuyo, at

hindi dapat may kulay.



Materials made out of iron or stainless steel.

 Mga materyales na gawa sa bakal o yari sa asero.





Often used in heavy-duty products due to its toughness and durability.

Kadalasang ginagamit sa mga produktong heavy-duty dahil sa pagiging matigas at matibay nito.


Tin Can

Steel cans or tin cans are usually used for canned food.

 Ang lata ay kadalasang ginagamit sa

mga de latang pagkain.

Paano linisin at hiwa-hiwalayin ang mga recyclables?
How do we clean and segregate our recyclables?
Paano pumunta sa Eco-Ikot Center?
How can I get to Eco-Ikot Center?

Meet our Circular Center Champions

Women play a critical role in the solid waste management and recycling sectors. The Eco-Ikot Center is operated by women champions trained on solid waste management (SWM) and 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle).

The Sari-Cycle Store


Exchange your points with fresh produce, rice and other market goods!



Register with GCash and have your points exchanged to e-cash (1 Point = 1 Peso).



Collect sustainable lifestyle items like tumblers, eco bags, and metal straws and utensils! 

The Community

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