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Clean Seas Pilipinas

CORA’s “Clean Seas Pilipinas” campaign aims to help create sustainable schools and communities that are able to utilize proper waste management as a tool for financial aid and support. It is not simply an environmental campaign, it is an empowering program to help uplift desperate local communities, through the development more inclusive and sustainable solutions to waste management, and the establishment of a “Climate Change Fund” for each school involved. Via incentivized partnerships between schools and communities, together with junk shops and recyclers, the program aims to develop and implement better economic opportunities, scholarships for children without an education, and most importantly, circular community development.

Clean Seas Pilipinas: About Us

CleanSeas Pilipinas is part of the UN Environment #CleanSeas global campaign, which aims to engage governments, the general public, civil society, and the private sector in the fight against marine plastic litter.

Don’t let the threat of plastic pollution destroy our seas. Every steward you mobilize means protecting our coastal communities’ livelihood. Together we can help empower marginalized communities while saving the planet one recyclable item at a time.

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