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Artivist Feature: AG Saño

This World Humanitarian Day, CORA is one with the United Nations in paying special tribute to the #RealLifeHeroes who have committed their lives to helping others in the most extreme circumstances throughout the world -- our amazing healthcare workers!

To be a humanitarian is to be committed helping those in need. The #COVID19 pandemic has made it more challenging for those who continue to save and protect lives despite conflict, insecurity, lack of access and risks linked to COVID-19.

Beautifully depicting the true heroes our frontliners are is our CORA Featured Artivist, A.G. Saño. Last May 2020, Saño made headlines for his latest work together with his team "Art Attack". The mural, painted on a 7-storey establishment in Maginhawa, Quezon City shows the Philippine superhero Darna garbed in medical scrubs.

Photo by A.G. Saño
Photo by Abner Mercado, ABS-CBN News

About A.G. Saño

Guerrero M. Saño or A.G. is a renowned and multi-awarded Filipino artist who has painted more than 700 murals in 16 countries depicting peace and environment. He graduated from Quezon City Science High School and finished Landscape Architecture in the University of the Philippines - Diliman.

AG's work in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Paris, France

He is a conservationist who has been involved in marine research since the year 2000, and a founding member of, a non-profit group focused on marine mammal research and conservation in the Philippines.

As an artist, he began his career as a student assistant of renowned art mentor Fernando Sena when he was 10 years old. He had been painting environmental public art the past 10 years to help save marine ecosystems by spreading his message of art and conservation to as many people as possible. A.G. founded the Dolphins Love Freedom, a network supported by advocates from more than 63 countries.

A.G. is also a climate leader under the Climate Reality Project of former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore. He was chosen by Oxfam Germany and Climate Tracker to represent the global south in a speaking tour to bring the voice of the climate vulnerable countries to the legislators and communities of Germany in 2017. He is the Climate Change Ambassador for ADEX (Asia Dive Expo), one of the biggest global gatherings of divers and conservationists.

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Paying Tribute to #RealLifeHeroes

Photo by A.G. Saño

We dream and watch our superheroes on television and on the big screen, but our true heroes of the world are far more worthy of the admiration and celebration because they are REAL and A.G. visualizes this truth wonderfully.

Let's continue to celebrate our real life heroes -- the frontliners of health and safety -- today and everyday by staying home, taking care of our health, and supporting the rest they require.

#ActNowAugust: Our lines are open for those who wish to donate to the #CORAforCOVID19 Relief Mission (supporting families and frontliners in need).

Know an artivist you want to feature? Email us at today!

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