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CORA, Aboitiz Foundation and Pilmico seal “Project Katcha” partnership

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

June 4, 2021—Communities Organized for Resource Allocation (CORA), Aboitiz Foundation and Pilmico Foods Corporation signed a Memorandum of Agreement to officially seal their partnership for "Project Katcha".

Project Katcha aims to create a sustainable value chain of collection, recycling, and effective deployment of used Pilmico flour sacks from Pilmico's customers within the southern district division of Metro Manila and nearby areas.

This initiative will also provide livelihood and empower the women of CORA's adopted community, Samahan ng mga Mananahi ng Lupang Arenda (SAMALA), through the provision of capability-building trainings.

The signatories of the agreement forged in the virtual event were Antoinette Taus, CORA Founder and Executive Director; Maribeth Marasigan, Aboitiz Foundation President and Chief Operating Officer; and Joseph Bernard Gamateo, Pilmico Foods Corporation Vice President for Brand, Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility. Present during the MOA were Ma. Katrina Mercado, RJ Villanueva, Pinky Baroman, and Greg Canoy of the Pilmico CSR Team; Leilani McDonough from the Aboitiz Foundation; and Gloidan Papas and Potxee de Castro from CORA.

“Project Katcha may seem like one project but in reality, the ripple effect is so far-reaching--it’s both on the environment and on people. Pilmico’s high-quality sacks will be turned into wonderful new products--closing the loop in the circular economy and creating more opportunities to have better options for people to make better choices,” said Antoinette Taus, CORA Founder and Executive Director.

“Project Katcha will address our focus on inclusive recovery and building resiliency. It also helps us increase our core business focus interventions, utilizing our resources and business objectives in our CSR efforts, and it is only by coming together that we can achieve greater social impact. Thank you very much to our partners, Pilmico and CORA. Together, let us co-create resilient, empowered, and sustainable communities,” Maribeth Marasigan, Aboitiz Foundation President and Chief Operating Officer, shared.

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Hanna Ovr
Aug 26, 2022

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