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Typhoon-stricken families in CamSur receive livelihood aid

JANUARY 17, 2021 CORA (Communities Organized for Resource Allocation), together with The Cacao Project, distributed 70 livelihood packages to climate-vulnerable families in Barangays Sta. Cruz, Planza, Grijalvo, and Alianza in San Fernando, Camarines Sur, who were greatly affected by Typhoons Quinta, Rolly, and Ulysses. The livelihood packages contained assorted farm tools, supplies and goods including: shovels, cultivating forks, pruning shears, 2-in-1 hoes, farm gloves, 6-meter tarpaulins, canned goods, loaves of bread, and noodle packs--all packed in a reusable bucket.

CORA’s P50,000 donation to The Cacao Project’s post-typhoon recovery efforts has been made possible by the generous donors of CORA’s 2020 Typhoon Relief Campaign.

The Cacao Project, led by United Nations Young Champion of the Earth Ms. Louise Mabulo, is on a mission to create sustainable, environment-friendly, disaster-resilient livelihoods for farmers, while working toward solving food insecurity, by equipping farmers with the training and resources they need to be better positioned toward sustainable success.

To support CORA’s donation campaigns, please go to

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